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Gaining More By Giving Back

What started as a way to gain more experience and meet the community turned in to a passion for Brian Kelso, attorney at Dagger Law. A few months after law school, Brian volunteered for the Fairfield County Bar Association and Southeastern Ohio Legal Service’s Pro Bono Clinic, which provides free legal services the fourth Tuesday of the month at The Rising House, 131 N. High St. from 5-7 p.m.

“As a young attorney from Cincinnati, I used the Pro Bono Clinic to be exposed to different legal issues and learn more about Fairfield County,” said Brian Kelso. “I never receive the same question twice and became a better lawyer because of it. I also developed a passion for helping those experiencing a difficult situation.”

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Local Attorney Returns from Reserve Duty


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 23, 2018

Local Attorney Returns from Reserve Duty

Lancaster, Ohio – Bryan Everitt, associate at the law firm Dagger, Johnston, Miller, Ogilvie & Hampson, LLP, recently returned from San Diego where he supported the arrival of a Chilean submarine, SS-20, Thompson. The Thompson was visiting the United States as part of a program known as the Diesel-Electric Submarine Initiative (DESI).

DESI was established by US Fleet Forces Command in 2001 with the goal to enhance the Navy’s capability to operate with diesel-electric submarines by partnering with South American navies.

Everitt’s role was to work with DESI. He met the submarine and assisted in getting the Chilean sailors checked in to the base and settled.

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The Impact Of Divorce On Our Community

by Norman J. Ogilvie, Jr.

The termination of marriage, although a common occurrence, has the effect on society like throwing a pebble into a pond, creating ripples and disruption to its smooth surface.

A divorce affects not only the parties, but also the children, grandparents, cousins, neighbors, workplaces, teachers, banks, creditors, friends, and sometimes social services agencies.

It impacts the husband and wife by consuming their thoughts, affecting them both physically and emotionally. The stress caused to participants is only exceeded by the death of a child. It is important to share with your medical providers any symptoms such as lack of sleep or inability to focus. Seeking professional counseling and therapy is encouraged and looked upon by the Courts as an indication of common sense and good parenting skills.

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Jeff Spangler Receives Patriotic Employer Award


Lancaster, Ohio – Co-Managing Partner Jeff Spangler of Dagger Law received the Patriotic Employer award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. Associate Bryan Everitt nominated Co-Managing Partner Jeff Spangler for the continued support he shows all the veterans working for Dagger Law.

“Jeff Spangler and all the partners at Dagger Law have really taken the time to mentor me as a new lawyer and allowed me to execute my military commitments without financial penalty,” said Bryan Everitt, attorney at Dagger Law. “The firm employs four veterans out of 34 employees.”

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Local Athlete Participated in Mt. Democrat Hike to Raise Funds for Cancer Research


Mitchell Happeney to join the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation “Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma Program” in raising $2 Million for cancer research

 Lancaster, Ohio – For the second time a Lancaster High School graduate is “moving mountains” to bring attention to and raise funds for multiple myeloma research. Mitchell Happeney, son of Marcy and Randy Happeney of Lancaster, is part of the “Moving Mountains” group sponsored by the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF). The group is climbing Mt. Democrat (14,155 ft) in Colorado to raise funds and bring attention to multiple myeloma treatment and research.

Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells in blood. It can collect in the marrow and bones and thus is sometimes referred to as a bone cancer. Approximately 100,000 persons in the US have the diagnosis with 25,000 new cases diagnosed every year. It is a “treatable but not curable” form of cancer.

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