Everitt of Dagger Law Awarded Prestigious Ohio Land Title Professional Designation

Bryan M. Everitt, Associate attorney

Bryan M. Everitt, associate attorney and title insurance agent with Dagger Law, recently became the newest recipient of the Ohio Land Title Professional (OLTP) designation.

Everitt is one of only 17 title professionals in Ohio to hold this designation according to the Ohio Land Title Association (OLTA). The OLTP designation is intended to recognize individuals in Ohio’s title insurance industry who have made contributions to the title industry through their respective work experience, OLTA attendance, OLTA involvement, involvement in the American Land Title and Regional Land Title Associations, and involvement with other professional organizations related to real estate.

“Bryan continues to make contributions to the title industry through his work, as well as through his involvement with national, state, and local land title associations,” said Jeff J. Spangler, co-managing partner at Dagger Law. “He is passionate about serving others and we are proud he has earned this recognition for his commitment to the real estate and title industry.”