Probate lawyers deal with the legal process during which the assets an liabilities of a deceased person are transferred to the next generation. The process of fulfilling the wishes of the decedent are governed by the decedent’s documents and the law. Property subject to the probate process is that owned by a person at death, which does not pass to others by designation or ownership (i.e. life insurance policies and “payable on death” bank accounts).

The probate lawyer guides the Executor or Administrator of an estate through the process, assisting him/her in the orderly administration of the decedent’s estate, assuming the assets of the estate are protected and final distribution of the assets are made in accordance with the terms of the will; or, in the absence of a will, in accordance with the laws of descent and distribution of the state.

Our probate lawyers also can address and resolve issues that relate to trusts and guardianships. Therefore, if you have legal issues pertaining to the probate process, a will contest action, a trust, or a guardianship, it is in your best interest to retain a probate lawyer who is well versed with the laws in your state.

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