About Dagger Law

Dagger, Johnston, Miller, Ogilvie & Hampson is a law firm built on more than 110 years of legal experience. The firm is the result of a merger of Deffenbaugh & Miller, founded in 1902 by J.W. Deffenbaugh, and Dagger, Johnston, Ogilvie, Charles & Hampson, founded by William C. Dagger, in 1946.

The majority of our attorneys have strong roots in the Lancaster area. After receiving their Juris Doctorates from prestigious law schools, they decided to return to the area to help the Lancaster community grow economically as well as culturally.

Many of our attorneys are active within the community, serving on various boards of non-profit organizations. They share a common belief that citizen involvement plays a key role in continued growth of their community.

Since the firm’s founding, Dagger, Johnston, Miller, Ogilvie & Hampson has adapted to the changing needs of its clients while making a gradual shift from a local firm to a regionally recognized law practice.