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Our firm provides counsel to landowners approached by oil and gas companies who are seeking to lease mineral rights. This usually includes the right to drill and produce oil and gas from the property’s resources.

The owner of a property generally owns both the surface and sub-surface mineral rights. Before agreeing to sell those rights, our Oil and Gas Law Attorneys recommend obtaining legal counsel. A Lawyer will discuss your rights under an oil and gas lease and negotiate on behalf of the landowner. Our mineral rights lawyers have a proven record of obtaining favorable lease terms from oil and gas companies. This includes protections for landowners and competitive payment agreements. While our lawyers are familiar with the oil and gas leasing process, we encourage landowners to conduct their own research so that they can be informed participants in the leasing process. We welcome any questions that you might have and work to ensure that our clients are comfortable with the final agreement.

Oil and gas activity in Ohio has increased in recent years as developing technology now permits drilling in the Utica and Marcellus shales. These are deeper shale formations, found at depths of up to 9000 feet. These formations are significant due to their production of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil. The potential resources located in this formation are estimated to be 38 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 940 million barrels of oil. The Utica and Marcellus shale formation covers a substantial portion of Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Quebec, and Virginia. Up to relatively recent times, the Utica shale formation was not extensively developed due to the depth required to reach the deposit, and ineffective extraction techniques. With the development of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, this deposit became a viable resource for oil and gas companies. Third-party companies in the Central Ohio area have been making offers for leases with $50 to $100 for the per acre up-front bonus payment. They are also offering a relatively low royalty percentage compared to what has been offered by major oil companies in other Ohio counties. This means you get to see more profit from the lease.

In addition to negotiating favorable financial terms, our firm reviews the burdens placed on leased property. We ensure that landowners know the potential limitations on surface use and potential environmental impacts, before signing a lease.

Our firm has successfully negotiated and concluded oil and gas leases for landowners in multiple counties throughout Ohio. Our firm has represented property owners in litigation to enforce landowner rights under the leases. Our firm has successfully litigated easement issues against oil and gas companies on behalf of landowners, including litigation over the Rockies Express Gas Transmission pipeline and the Marathon Ashland Petroleum refined products pipeline.

If you have questions regarding an existing oil and gas lease that encumbers your property, or if you are approached by an oil and gas company, a landman, or other third party inquiring about your willingness to enter into an oil and gas lease, we invite you to contact our office. Whether you are located in Central Ohio, Southeastern Ohio, Fairfield County, Hocking County, Licking County, Pickaway County, Franklin County, Lancaster, Baltimore, Circleville, Buckeye Lake, Newark, Logan, Canal Winchester, the Greater Columbus area or other locations nearby; we have you covered. Check out the nearest location to you by clicking Our Locations Page

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