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Fairfield county Lancaster Ohio Agriculture law photo Dagger Law is dedicated to developing a cost conscious approach specifically designed to assist farmers and landowners with all aspects of the law that impact the agriculture industry.

Since the founding of our firm, back in 1902 nearly all of the partners and attorneys, at Dagger Law, grew up around small towns in Central Ohio. Having been raised on county fairs, farm fresh produce, and an appreciation for agriculture based economies, our attorneys understand the importance of our farming and landowner neighbors.We recognize that farms and farmers are the lifeblood of our community, and that farmers and landowners face unique legal issues across broad areas of law. At its core, Central Ohio is comprised of farming communities. Here and across the state, our farms drive our economy, health and nutrition, and even our conservation initiatives. Our Agricultural Law attorneys are constantly providing our clients with updates to legal and tax issues that impact Fairfield County farmers and landowners because the laws impacting farms are constantly shifting. Whether those laws impact a farm set up as an LLC, a family business, an individual’s taxes, or parents planning to pass a legacy to their children, you can be assured that Dagger Law Agricultural Attorneys are watching out for our clients. 

Agricultural Law consists of:

In addition our attorneys can advise on matters of personal, and business, liability.

Liability comes from actions that you, or your employees, take. Some examples of actions that could create liability are environmental issues caused by manure or fertilizer runoff, spray drift, and farm equipment accidents. Liability can also come about from the things you didn’t do, that a “reasonable person” would have done. Examples of this are harder to define, but a common example might be failing to hang a sign warning about an electric fence. Often times these negligence items are the things you would do if you had more time in a day, like; Patch the cracked sidewalk that your “you pick” guests keep tripping on, remind your employees to stay away from a electric service cabinet. The good news is that negligence must be proven in a court of law, and this is where having an experienced Agricultural Law Attorney can make all the difference. 

Do you have an effective estate and business plan in place to ensure that your assets are protected for the next generation?

If you have already taken this step, we applaud your foresight and diligent planning, but did you know that estates and trusts require preventative maintenance like a tractor? Have you ensured that all assets in the original estate plan were retitled, if necessary? Have there been any changes in assets or family members? We know you are busy with your livelihood and life’s work. Let us ease the burden by providing a periodic evaluation, and alter the estate planning documents so that you can focus on today knowing that we will help protect your tomorrow. 

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