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NOTICE: Emailing an attorney shall not and does not create an attorney-client relationship between the attorney and users of this web site or any other party whatsoever. An attorney-client relationship is ONLY established through a written engagement, and only where doing so would comply with all applicable laws and ethical rules.

You can use the convenient contact form to request that an attorney contact you.

We will be happy to review any potential legal matters you may have. Someone from our office will get back to you within two business days, in most cases. If you feel that your legal issue needs our immediate attention, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. Or, if it is more convenient, you can use our chat feature, which you can easily find on every page. When submitting a contact form or using the chat function, please ensure that you include a full name and good contact information.

Your full name, and the name of any opposing parties, provide us with valuable information so that we can accurately check for conflicts. In Ohio law, an attorney has a duty to provide effective counsel to a client. To be clear, “effective” doesn’t mean that the client gets the desired outcome. Instead, it indicates that the legal representation was competent.

In a case where an attorney has represented an opposing party, there can be a conflict of interest. Representation of an opposing party can encompass any time in the past. It can also include when an attorney intends to represent an opposing party in the future. This representation conflict creates a severe risk that a lawyer’s action on behalf of one party may impact another party. Because of conflicts, an attorney cannot represent both spouses in a divorce. While there are some grey areas, most attorneys will wisely steer away from even a hint of engaging in a conflict of interest. After all, it is easier to avoid it than to argue that there was no conflict.

If you have questions, concerns, or a complaint, we ask you to read the Dagger Law Feedback Page before using the contact form to submit feedback. We take client feedback seriously and will review any concerns within ten business days and provide feedback or a resolution if the situation warrants it.

* If you are a vendor, salesperson, or have non-legal business with our office, we ask that you call as we will not field sales requests via our contact form. We will not respond to sales or solicitations submitted through the client feedback form.

** If you have billing questions or need assistance with paying an invoice or retainer, please call our office and have a copy of your invoice handy. An invoice number associated with your account will help us locate your records and correctly assign payment to your bill.

*** When submitting a request for assistance to our law office, we ask that you keep the description of your legal issue very basic. Please provide descriptions by practice areas such as Divorce, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Wills, Adoption, or Criminal Defense. You can find a complete list of options on our practice areas page. When our attorneys, or staff, contact you they will ask questions to gain the relevant details, which allow us to evaluate your case. Providing excessive detail can delay contact or create difficulty in assessing your particular legal matter. Sometimes people aren’t sure of what legal assistance they need. In that case, we invite you to review our full Practice Area page or tell us that you aren’t sure. We will call and ask clarifying questions that will assist us in directing you to the correct, experienced attorney for your specific legal concerns.

We staff our reception desk between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

The receptionist can assist in connecting you with an attorney or staff who can help answer questions. Suppose you are already a client of the firm. In that case, we encourage you to contact your attorney, or their staff, using their direct email address or phone number. If you are looking to schedule an appointment in our Canal Winchester law office, please indicate this in the contact form or during your initial phone call.

Telephone Number

Telephone: 740.653.6464
Toll-Free: 800.339.4618

Please note that we use the telephone number listed above for all of our office locations. We route all incoming calls through a centralized reception desk for efficiency, consistency, and proper handling. At times, your attorney may be out of the office or unable to answer phone calls. Situations like attending hearings in court, meeting with other clients, or working on legal preparations and research require focus.

Your call will be reviewed and returned based on your attorney’s availability and your case’s priority order in the attorney’s schedule. If you need to talk to someone immediately, we strongly suggest you speak to your attorney’s legal staff. Paralegals and legal assistants are often able to answer basic questions about the status, progress, or disposition of your ongoing legal case. Still, they will not be able to provide you legal advice. Staff can relay information to your attorney if there is an immediate issue that requires a timely response.

Mailing Addresses

144 East Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Map & Directions to Lancaster Office

By reviewing bills and correspondence at a central location, we can promptly review bills, letters, and other essential mail items.

Please note that while the Canal Winchester, Ohio, office has a unique mailing address, we handle all mail out of our Lancaster offices. Any mail sent to the Canal Winchester office may take an unusually long time for us to review and respond.

144 East Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Map & Directions to Canal Winchester Office


Fax number: 740.653.8522

*Faxes are delivered electronically to staff and attorneys, when possible, throughout the day. If faxing documents, please indicate clearly who the recipient of the papers should be to ensure speedy and accurate delivery.

**Your fax will be reviewed and responded to based on attorney availability and priority order in the attorney’s schedule. Suppose you need to relay important information to your attorney or get an update on your case. In that case, we advise that you call or email your attorney’s staff as this may be a more available resource to meet your needs.