There are times when a legal dispute arises, which requires an experienced litigation attorney to resolve.

Litigation attorneys are an indispensable resource if you are looking to contest a legal claim. Legal claims include defending clients against a suit filed against them. Besides focusing on courtroom trials, there are many functions that an experienced Litigator can perform to represent clients. Including assistance even if your case never goes to court.

In general, litigation attorneys can:

  • File a lawsuit on your behalf.
  • Settle a business dispute with an employee, customer, or vendor.
  • Investigate case-law.
  • Represent your interests in the courtroom.
  • Provide legal defense in a case filed against you
  • Guide decision-making to ensure that no legal issues arise due to a planned course of action.

A litigation lawyer can determine your legal matters’ best approach. Furthermore, they will advise you on the appropriate steps to take. Even if you decide to settle out of court, a litigation attorney can help their client get their deserved settlement. They can also protect their client’s rights when an opposing party is exerting undue influence.

Below we have provided a list of common reasons to pursue litigation in a legal case.

Although these examples are far from all-inclusive, they represent some basic situations where litigation attorneys provide valuable legal representation. Please note that some of these areas may also have a specialized page with additional information. To see more detail on these pages, click on the litigation case type:

If you have questions about whether it is wise to litigate your particular case or whether our attorneys can help you, please contact us. Please send your questions by using our contact page.

Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding litigation.

Q: How much will a litigation attorney cost?

A: Depending on your case, our litigation attorneys will bill in one of two ways. The first billing method is a contingency fee agreement. Contingency fees establish a fee agreement that pays your attorney a percentage of any monetary amount recovered on your behalf. Contingency fee arrangements get used in cases that an attorney expects to be time-consuming. Often this results in a substantial financial award, or settlement, for the client. We typically establish contingency fee agreements for civil litigation, personal injury, and wrongful death cases.

The second method would be to charge an hourly rate. For shorter issues, it is more cost-effective to use an hourly rate for billing. Examples of more straightforward cases may include consulting an attorney about an employment issue, a contract dispute, or a real estate dispute. In some cases, the outcomes may not result in a financial award or settlement. Having no financial settlement or award makes contingency fee agreements impossible. Hourly rates for attorneys may differ based on experience, case type, and other factors.

Before hiring a litigation attorney from Dagger Law, we will explain what fee structure you can expect. Fee structures often get recorded in a fee agreement. Equally, We strive to set reasonable expectations regarding litigation costs and the length of time to resolve previous similar cases.

Q: Does hiring the best litigation attorney cost more?

A: Terms like “best litigation attorney” are subjective. How would anyone judge that? Is there a contest for litigation lawyers? Of course not! To us, getting the best attorney is the one who can advocate for you effectively and efficiently. Since efficient attorneys save both time and money, this can help control the costs of litigation. Efficiency can make an experienced attorney more affordable. Nobody wants to be stuck living through a legal matter for longer than is necessary.

While the client controls many legal process delays, your lawyer plays a role as well. Experience can allow an attorney to quickly move past the research and planning phase into taking action on your legal issue. Whether your family law case is complex or straightforward, we can still offer the exact efficient and effective representation. Experienced attorneys save you money and move you quickly through the process.

Q: Will a litigation attorney travel to me, or do I need to come to your offices in Lancaster or Canal Winchester?

A: While some meetings will need to occur in our offices, we try to minimize your travel time. We offer two convenient office locations in Lancaster and Canal Winchester, Ohio. Our goal is to reduce the disruption to your life caused by legal issues and conduct most communications or meetings through emails or phone calls. In certain circumstances, we realize that clients can’t reach us, and we may be required to visit your location.

Suppose you retain a Dagger Law attorney to represent you. In that case, they will travel to the necessary court hearings and legal procedures to represent you anywhere in Ohio! Please note that in some instances, the cost to represent your case may require an unusual amount of money due to travel expenses. In such cases, we may recommend using legal representation closer to the location of your case. We are happy to provide referrals in these instances if we are able.

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