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The Dagger Law firm has established itself as one of the leading practices, located in Central Ohio, regarding personal injury representation as to the result of auto accidents. Many of these auto accidents have involved commercial carriers and semi-trucks. Our top-quality litigation attorneys have successfully represented injured clients all over Ohio, obtaining large jury verdicts and settlements.

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Many of these cases have involved a truck or tractor-trailer accidents. A tractor-trailer or “big rig” is a truck wherein the tractor portion of the truck pulls the cargo portion or trailer. These large vehicles are on our highways and roads 24/7, and accidents involving tractor-trailers are on the rise. In 2017, the Ohio State Highway Patrol reported that heavy truck accidents made up 11% of all motor vehicle fatalities, and there has been a 9% increase in heavy truck-related deaths since 2013. The injured party needs to be represented by experienced trial lawyers who know what to look for, in this particular area of law, and know how to achieve the best result for the injured party.

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In 2017, the Ohio Department of Public Safety reported that there were over 303,000 traffic crashes and over 108,000 of those resulted in some personal injury to the involved parties. Those are staggering numbers, and unfortunately, that means that many of us are going to experience this traumatic event; whether that is personally being involved in a car accident or knowing someone who was involved. Statistically, this means that there were over 30 semi-truck accidents in Ohio today! Do you know what to do if you, or a loved one, are involved in a car accident? Dagger Law trucking accident lawyers recommend the following as a quick checklist:

  • Report the accident immediately. Ensure that the police department and, if needed, emergency medical services are called at a minimum. We also recommend that you report the accident to your insurance company in a timely manner.
  • Start keeping records. Take pictures, get statements, ask for a copy of the police report, and get the other driver’s insurance information. All of this information will be important for your insurance settlement, or it will be used as evidence if there is a court appearance required
  • Protect your rights! This is very important; do not admit fault, do not give a statement to your insurance company, and contact an attorney at your earliest convenience. An attorney who is familiar with auto and truck accidents will know how to best protect your rights and preserve your best chance for a fair settlement from an insurance company. Any statement you make, without consulting an attorney, could jeopardize the insurance settlement you deserve.

Q: Why are Truck Accidents different from auto accidents?

  • Damages and injuries are often more severe in accidents that involve a truck. Because of a truck’s size, relative to most passenger vehicles, accidents involving commercial trucking is more likely to cause injury or death. A fully loaded semi-truck can weigh more than 80,000 pounds. The average car, by comparison, only weighs around 3,000 pounds. The laws of physics are not in your favor if an accident happens between a car and a large truck. In addition, the size of a truck often makes them an indirect factor in other accidents.
  • Trucking is both regulated and monitored, and there are particular laws that apply to commercial drivers. These additional rules and regulations often lead to additional layers of complexity that don’t exist in accidents involving two privately owned automobiles.
  • Many commercial trucks carry a “black box” similar to those found on aircraft. This black box allows detailed reconstructions of crash scenes which can be helpful when figuring out what happened. Though beneficial, this additional evidence can be complex and may require the testimony of an expert witness to interpret the information. This also opens an avenue for additional legal strategies as both driver statements and technical data can be compared to uncover the truth.
  • Who owns the truck, and who is liable for the accident, can be complicated. A case may involve the owner of the truck, the driver, the owner or loader of the payload, the manufacturer of faulty parts such as tires, and the insurance company! All potentially pointing the finger at someone else and none of them want to accept the blame and responsibility for the resulting personal injuries and property damage. You can bet that all of those people and businesses will be fighting hard to not pay any bills or penalties, which means that you absolutely need an experienced attorney to fight for your rights and hold the right people responsible.

Dagger Law firm’s experienced personal injury litigation lawyers know how to represent clients injured in these trucking and car accidents. This is important for both settlement and trial purposes.

Knowing what events and factors contribute to tractor-trailer accidents is crucial in finding the evidence for your case. Through the use of qualified experts, and accident reconstruction our attorneys can accurately and quickly get to the root cause of an accident. Car accidents involving tractor-trailers can be factually and legally complex. Finding the evidence that proves the true causes of a car accident, and unveiling the motivating or aggravating circumstances in the crash, requires the kind of knowledge that we can offer based on over 110 years of experience in legal practice. Our trial lawyers also understand the relevant federal and state laws that may have been violated; contributing to the accident. Our personal injury attorneys are prepared to assist injured clients in cases involving truck accident law or tractor-trailer crashes.

Q: How much does it cost to pursue a Personal Injury case?

A: The last thing you need is a mounting attorney bill when you are potentially out of work and looking at significant medical bills. Dagger Law handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that our firm collects a percentage of the overall settlement from an insurance company, or award from a trial, as compensation for our experienced legal counsel. Whether your personal injury case takes one month or 18 months, our fee is always a percentage of the award. Before retaining services from a personal injury attorney from Dagger Law, you will have a free consult meeting with your lawyer to discuss fees, and to ensure you understand how billing will be handled. Contingency fees can be described as paying for your attorney costs based on a percentage of those monetary damages collected.

Q: Will a car accident lawyer travel to me, or do I need to come to your offices in either Lancaster or Canal Winchester?

A: While some meetings will need to occur in our offices, we try to minimize your travel time. We offer two convenient office locations in Lancaster and Canal Winchester, Ohio. Our goal is to reduce the disruption to your life caused by legal issues and conduct most communications or meetings through emails or phone calls. In certain circumstances, we realize that clients can’t reach us, and we may be required to visit your location. Suppose you retain a Dagger Law attorney to represent you. In that case, they will travel to the necessary court hearings and legal procedures to represent you anywhere in Ohio! Please note that in some instances, the cost to represent your case may require an unusual amount of money due to travel expenses. In such cases, we may recommend using legal representation closer to the location of your case. We are happy to provide referrals in these instances if we are able.

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