Tax Law

Tax attorney in Lancaster Ohio, 43130 Fairfield CountyThere are few aspects of our daily lives that are not affected in some way by tax laws.

Whether involving income, sales of personal and real property, gifts, or estates, our system of taxation has a far-reaching impact.

A tax lawyer from Dagger Law can assist clients with effectively planning to minimize both individual and business income taxes, as well as estate and gift taxes.

Assistance can also be provided to assist you with preparing tax returns and other compliance-oriented matters. In addition, tax attorneys represent their clients in disputes involving the IRS and other taxing authorities.

One of the firm’s attorneys is also a Certified Public Accountant (inactive). He and one other attorney at the firm have experience as members of the tax departments of two of the world’s largest accounting firms.

Our attorneys can answer your questions about common taxation concerns, such as:

• What should I do if I receive a letter from the IRS or the Ohio Department of Taxation?

• Do trusts and estates have to file income tax returns?

• How do I know if a proposed tax assessment is correct?

• When do I need to file a gift tax return?

• When do I need to file an estate tax return?

• Will I owe estate taxes on the death of my spouse?

• Will I owe estate taxes on the death of my parent?

• How much are estate taxes?

• What are the tax effects when I sell a business, real estate or other property?

• I am approaching retirement age – what are the taxes on my retirement account distributions?

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Photo of R. Mark Bibler, Partner, Tax attorney Lancaster Ohio

R. Mark Bibler, Partner and Certified Public Accountant (inactive)