Criminal and Juvenile Defense

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Dagger Law Criminal and Juvenile Defense Attorneys can assist with any issues arising from the following:

  • Arrest
  • Criminal charges
  • Criminal investigations
  • Trial defense
  • Sentencing
  • Appeals
  • Post release issues involving probation, parole, or community control

A good criminal defense lawyer is the best way to limit, or eliminate, the harmful consequences from a run in with the justice system. 

When arrested, you are read your Miranda Rights which includes the right to an attorney. This isn’t just a thing cops have to say, but it is a reminder that you still have rights despite the way that things look and feel when you are caught up in a criminal investigation. While there may be a million things going on around you, such as police officers asking you questions, lights on a cruiser flashing in your eyes, perhaps someone is crying, or maybe you are just wondering how all of this happened; the first thing you should do is call an experienced criminal defense lawyer. This simple act can often provide the time needed to slow down the criminal justice process and help you think straight before you say something that will be held against you later on.  

Dagger Law recommends the following steps in choosing the best criminal defense lawyer for you:

  • Find the Attorney who listens to you, who communicates your options, and who you are willing to work with. While the court will appoint an attorney to you, that is a little like having the court appoint your spouse. It might take a little extra time and money, but it will be worth picking someone you want to be with. 
  • Choose a criminal defense lawyer with the right experience for your case. A criminal defense attorney may have had dozens of drug offense cases, but never handled a domestic violence case in a trial before. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the attorney’s prior experience. 
  • Know whether your criminal defense attorney has a team behind them. If it is your day to be in court, and your attorney gets sick, who will be attending the trial in their place? If they practice alone, will you need to sit in jail for another week while your attorney gets healthy? At Dagger Law, our team of experienced attorneys and staff help keep your case moving forward as scheduled. 
  • Be a skeptic. When you are facing legal charges, you don’t want to go with the attorney who makes promises. Sure, you want someone who is fighting for you but the legal system is complex and your attorney will never have control over a judge or jury. You want someone who knows how to work towards positive outcomes for your case, but nobody can promise a particular result. 

While you have the right to represent yourself, we would never recommend this course of action. Regardless of your intellect, your understanding of the facts in your case, and your belief in your ability, the legal world is complex and specific. Criminal defense lawyers are trained on the specific nuances and procedures of the court, and the money spent to retain an experienced attorney is always an investment worth making. 

Whether you are innocent, and charged with a crime, or you had a lapse in judgement that resulted in your arrest, you should expect your criminal defense attorney to help you navigate the legal system towards the best outcome. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can assist you with:

  • Negotiating a favorable plea bargain, to include providing a reality check regarding whether a prosecutor’s plea agreement is reasonable or a “good deal” 
  • Recommending a sentencing program that reduces the likelihood that you will end up back in the criminal justice system again
  • Preparing you for trial, and ensuring that you are aware of the role that you will play in your own defense. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not talk, but you should understand why that is the case! 

 Juvenile offenses are a unique area of practice, and are best handled by an experienced juvenile defense attorney.

That may sound obvious, but many people take for granted that a juvenile offense and an adult criminal offense are the same. After all, many of the acts are the same but are held accountable under a different set of rules. Everything from traffic offenses, drug offenses, and theft will be handled through juvenile court for those under the age of 18, in the state of Ohio. In some instances an individual under the age of 18, when the offense was committed, can be tried as an adult in a process called juvenile bind-over. 

It is important that attorneys have specific experience dealing with the juvenile court system so that they understand the differences in how cases are handled for juvenile offenders. 

Whether you reside in Columbus, Canal Winchester, Fairfield County or Lancaster; we have you covered. Check out the nearest location to you by clicking on our office locations page

Will an attorney travel to me, or do I need to come to your offices in either Lancaster or Canal Winchester? 

While some meetings will need to be held in our offices, we do try to minimize your travel time by offering two convenient locations in both Lancaster and Canal Winchester, Ohio. It is our goal to minimize the disruption to your life caused by legal issues, and many communications or meetings can be conducted through emails or phone calls. In certain circumstances, such as being incarcerated or held in jail, we realize that it isn’t possible for clients to reach us, and visits to your location may be required. If a Dagger Law attorney is retained to represent you, they will travel to the necessary court hearings and legal procedures in order to represent you, anywhere in Ohio! Please note that in some instances the cost to represent your case may require an unusual amount of money due to travel expenses. In such cases, we may recommend using legal representation closer to the location of your case. We are happy to provide referrals in these instances, if we are able. 

How can I check the status of my Criminal or Juvenile case? 

First, and foremost, we encourage you to communicate with your attorney, and their support staff, for updates regarding your particular matter. This will provide you with the most recent and up to date information. Communicating frequently with your attorney will allow you to ask questions so that you understand the progress of your case, as well as provide opportunities to give them any new information that your attorney might need to know. If your question is about status of filing, or other basic information, you can access self service links located here:

Criminal and juvenile court case resources by county

Contact Dagger Law attorneys for assistance with your criminal and juvenile defense matters.

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