Common myths about attorneys debunked

There may be more jokes about attorneys than they are attorneys who have passed the bar exam. In all seriousness, there is a lot of misinformation about the roles, character, and strategies of attorneys. Your attorney is your legal advocate committed to helping you obtain justice, and it is critical to trust your attorney and his or her integrity.

Dagger Law. Local. Trusted. ExperiencedWe’re kicking off the first post in a five-part series focused on providing a more accurate picture of working attorneys by debunking three common myths.

Myth: Attorneys are vague about costs

Attorneys strive to be transparent in their pricing structures and billing. Depending on the case, legal fees may be structured to be billing at an hourly rate, a flat fee, a retainer, or a contingency fee (a percent of your award). A consultation is typically free or a nominal charge that enables you to share information about your needs and find out about charges and your expected financial commitment. Attorneys want you to be an informed and empowered part of the process, and changes in the scope should be communicated so you are not surprised when you receive an invoice.

Myth: Attorneys enjoy life difficulties

Attorneys do not take pleasure in the hardships of a client, such as jail time, bankruptcy, and divorce. Situations often include difficult and life-altering circumstances that are fraught with challenges. Most attorneys choose the career because they genuinely want to help, and not because they want to take advantage of your situation.

Myth: Attorneys delay progress

Your attorney will likely spend a lot of time working on your case that does not involve meetings or potentially even updates. Research that occurs behind the scenes includes many hours that may not be visible to you, but yet are important to preparing your case. In litigation, the timeline for next steps and decisions is rarely within the control of the attorney. Unfortunately, sometimes there is just not much that can be done to speed the process of the court system. Be patient and trust you will be updated as soon as there is information to share.

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