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Buckeye Landowners Group

If you want to learn more about the Buckeye Landowners Group, which was formed by our firm for those landowners who want an oil and gas lease on their property, click here.

Oil & Gas

Our firm provides counsel to landowners approached by oil and gas companies seeking to lease from the landowner the right to drill and produce oil and gas from the property. Landowners generally own both the surface and sub-surface rights; our attorneys will discuss with you your rights under an oil and gas lease and negotiate on behalf of the landowner for the most favorable terms from the oil and gas company, including protections and payments running to the landowner. We encourage landowners to find out as much as possible about the oil and gas leasing, drilling, and operational processes.

Oil and gas activity in Ohio has increased in recent years as Technology now permits drilling in the Utica and Marcellus shales, which are deeper shale formations. Third party companies in our area have been making offers for leases with $50 to $100 for the per acre up-front bonus payment and a relatively low royalty percentage compared to what has been offered by major oil companies in other Ohio counties.

In addition to negotiating favorable financial terms, our firm reviews with landowners the burdens placed on leased property, including potential limitations on surface use and potential environmental impacts, before signing a lease.

Our firm has successfully negotiated and concluded oil and gas leases for landowners in multiple counties. Our firm has represented landowners in litigation concerning oil and gas leases to enforce landowner rights under the leases. Our firm has litigated easement issues against oil and gas companies on behalf of landowners, including litigation over the Rockies Express Gas Transmission pipeline and the Marathon Ashland Petroleum refined products pipeline.

If you have questions regarding an existing oil and gas lease that encumbers your property or if you are approached by an oil and gas company, a landman, or other third party inquiring about your willingness to enter into an oil and gas lease, we invite you to contact our office. If you have interest in leasing your land for oil and gas exploration and production, we encourage you to learn more about the entire process by using the resources listed to the right.

Attorneys to Contact:

 D. Joe Griffith, Partner

D. Joe Griffith, Partner

 Nicholas R. Grilli, Partner

Nicholas R. Grilli, Partner